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Roger insightfully and intuitively leads others to their truth and understanding of their motivations, prompting well designed mediated agreements to the benefit of all.

Kathleen O'Neill

Mediator and Court Investigator

Roger is fantastic! I found Roger through Roger is one of many legal pros on a lengthy AVVO list, but he is truly unique in his approach and thoughtfulness. Several lawyers I contacted responded to me with “let’s go to court and we need $X for our retainer.” Roger handled my property manager-tenant problems through mediation. I was dealing with my tenant breaking her lease and property management not following WA-state rental laws that would have left me at a huge loss. Roger was able to mitigate that loss and recover my income. Besides being more cost effective, Roger’s mediation process also saved me the mental anguish a court battle would have caused. Roger’s role as mediator really does suite him; he was the calming presence among head strong and angry sides. I initially approached him primarily because he and I share the same alma mater. I had a gut feeling that a fellow Bear wouldn’t let me down. It was by far my best decision based on a gut feeling. I would highly recommend Roger as mediator.

Glenn Dulla


“We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us. Each moment of life is a miracle and a mystery.”

H.G. Wells