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Roger A. Moss - Managing Director and Mediation Counsel

Roger Moss knows that real estate disputes–whether involving a home or business–trigger fear and intense emotions.

The best resolutions depend on compassion, patience, and vision.

Known for his empathy and lateral thinking, Roger is passionate about the possibilities that online dispute resolution (“ODR”) holds for his clients. It maximizes convenience and reduces expenses. ODR accelerates shuttle negotiation, the methodology Roger finds most effective; carrying messages between people is at the heart of this technique.

Client satisfaction is Roger’s first priority. He believes people are better served by results that emerge slowly through multiple small conversations. Clients find relief and closure in working with Roger.

An innovator and recognized leader in his field, Roger designed Conflict Intervention Service, a groundbreaking program in San Francisco that prevents homelessness and helps small businesses resolve rental conflict. A past chairman of the board of the Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California, Roger serves as Vice Chair of the ADR Section executive committee for the Washington State Bar.

A thirty-year career in commercial real estate informs Roger’s practice. He has worked in many negotiation roles, including corporate executive, lobbyist, attorney, broker. Known for strategic insight and getting things done, people have sought Roger’s counsel in addressing complex disputes in a variety of contexts, from Honolulu to Manhattan.

Roger graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UC Berkeley, where he studied medieval history and spun vinyl at the legendary KALX FM. A graduate of UC Hastings College of the Law, Roger is an active member of the California and Washington State Bar Associations.

Roger’s personal interests include historic preservation, conservation of natural landscapes, animal welfare, and noetic sciences. He is also an avid space, ambient music, and cinema fan. He grew up in Redondo Beach, California, and has been blessed to live in many beautiful, wildly diverse American landscapes from upcountry Maui to the lowcountry of South Carolina. He loves and seeks out landscapes that offer history, mystery and great views. Roger resides on a quiet island in the Puget Sound, along with his partner, the author Jennifer J. Wilhoit and their rescued furry mammals.

Esmail Rahimian PhD - Executive Director

Esmail is a peacemaker, educator, certified Tai Chi instructor, and a visionary in the field of online dispute resolution (ODR). Learning, teaching, and helping others succeed energizes him. After leading his own business for over 30 years, his passion took him back to the university where has taught management, marketing, communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution for the past 26 years. With a doctorate in Management, he has learned the best way to help others is to pay special attention to their narrative, their interests, and to be responsive rather than imposing his own vision on them.

Esmail has practiced and taught conflict resolution for over thirty years. As a professional mediator, he is a veteran of countless cases in civil harassment, community, tenant-landlord, and juvenile offender for the County of Santa Clara, Superior Court of California, and Project Sentinel. As a reflective practitioner he strives to improve professional practice that involves three qualities: a commitment to life-long learning, a willingness to learn from experience, and an appreciation of the connection between theory and practice.

An avid competitor in ultra-marathons, Esmail has completed over 300 marathons and ultra in all states and continents. He is one of the highest-ranked runners in his age group internationally.

Gina Delimari - Business Development Director

Gina has a passion for listening and connecting parties to resolve conflict. She assists organizations, individuals, lawyers and their clients to address issues and to settle their disputes. She is skilled in online, shuttle and in-person formats.

For over 30 years, she worked for the BC government as an executive leading strategy development, stakeholder engagement, public relations, negotiations, and dispute resolution.

Through collaborative conversations she resolved complex, multi-party, difficult disputes in high profile, high conflict areas with major financial implications. She negotiated agreements to settle land use conflicts with Indigenous groups, federal-provincial land and cash transfers, and workplace contractual disputes.

She developed corporate workforce plans for the BC Public Service and engaged union, pension administration and government staff to explore post-retirement hiring. She developed physician recruitment and retention programs. She negotiated physician contracts and participated in binding arbitration to set fees.

This experience primes her to act as a neutral to mediate community, business, employment, insurance, and housing/real estate civil disputes.

Gina has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science (McGill University, 1988), a master’s degree in Business Administration (Royal Roads University, 2003) where she achieved the Chancellor’s Award for excellence, and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Third-Party Intervention (Justice Institute of BC, 2019).

She is a member of the Mediate BC civil roster and volunteers on the Practice and Calls to Action Committees of the Mediate BC board of directors.

Gina is on the Conflict Intervention Service roster of the San Francisco Bar Association assisting parties in residential and commercial real estate disputes, with particular focus on economic recovery and business continuity post-COVID 19.

Gina is collaborating with other mediators to develop innovative dispute resolution services. She also plays a mentor role to support succession planning.

When not mediating, Gina enjoys yoga, cooking and walking in Victoria where she lives with her husband and daughter.

About Rincon Resolutions


Rincon Resolutions is transforming conflict that impacts real estate. We serve consumers directly, develop scaled dispute resolution programs for organizations, and offer advanced trainings in negotiation and dispute resolution.

Team Rincon holds these ideas top of mind: disputes that threaten home or business demand urgent attention. They require fast, flexible, and affordable responses. People in conflict deserve empathy and creative practical solutions.