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Rincon Resolutions transforms real estate conflict with the understanding that threats to home or business trigger fear and intense emotion. They demand urgent attention. The best resolutions depend on the swift delivery of services grounded in practical experience and empathy for those involved.

Roger A. Moss
Managing Director and Mediation Counsel

Roger is a real estate generalist known for creative thinking, vision, and success in animating complex projects paralyzed by stakeholder conflict. He has channeled 30 years’ experience in executive leadership, portfolio leasing, and asset management into the creation of groundbreaking dispute resolution programs.


Since 2017, Roger has served over 5,000 mediation participants directly or through programs he designed and managed. These cases generated a stunning 97% positive settlement rate. Early intervention, compassionate collaboration, and creating value for all participants drives this success.


Roger also advocates for communications best practices and relationship building that can avoid or mitigate disputes. More than 10,000 property managers, brokers, legal advocates, and mediators have received trainings that he designed. Roger also provides project consulting to government agencies, dispute resolution organizations, housing providers and commercial landlords facing pandemic-driven crises in rental properties of all kinds.


Roger formed Rincon Resolutions to make these services available globally through a network of interdisciplinary professionals trained in his approach to real estate conflict intervention. 


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California Bar #123741

California Real Estate Broker’s License #1224398

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