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Providing Compassion-Centered Direction

Wherever people merge with landscape, they generate conflict and disputes. That’s normal. When people engage with one another constructively, they thrive. Creative tension propels progress. But relationship tensions connected to home, hearth, and community are also explosive. They trigger fear, reactivity, and primal urges: flee, fight, or freeze.

When this happens, people need swift, compassionate, experience-informed guidance. 

Laws and contracts create frameworks for real estate relationships. They identify rights, obligations, and the contours of communication among players. But they cannot fix a roof, or pay the rent. Neither can they make people get along, nor transform rage into collaboration.

Ultimately, the remedy to every real estate challenge must be practical and tangible. Through our many service offerings, Rincon Resolutions delivers the empathy, insight, and creative problem solving that produces superior results. Much more importantly, our unique approach to real estate conflict engagement focuses on client satisfaction. We want people to feel accepting and at peace with decisions made long after settlements are achieved.

Providing Assistance

Need help in San Francisco?

Rincon Resolutions founder Roger Moss designed and manages the groundbreaking Conflict Intervention Service (CIS), which has helped thousands of people avoid homelessness and resolve rental disputes in San Francisco. Contact CIS.

For help in the Pacific Northwest and beyond:

Contact Roger directly for services in California outside of San Francisco or the Pacific Northwest. If Roger is not available, he will connect you to a Rincon Resolution affiliate or other resources. Interested in becoming a Rincon Resolutions affiliate? Contact Roger to learn more about our extravagantly gifted team of professional neutrals.

Rapid Response

Disputes that threaten home or business locations demand urgent attention. Break the tension with an Express Consultation.


21st Century Best Practices

Rincon Resolutions pioneered the use of online dispute resolution (ODR) in real estate conflict. We know that superior solutions emerge from a series of small conversations, knowledge of the landscape, and interdisciplinary input when required. Our priorities are maximizing client satisfaction and restoring relationship wherever possible. Every situation is unique and we customize our process to get results.



Rincon Resolutions supports individuals and organizations globally, with a focus on project development for nonprofits. If your organization needs guidance in developing systems that provide compassionate, smart solutions to real estate conflict, we are there for you.


“O Divine Master, let us not seek as much to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand.”

Clare of Assisi

What people are saying about

Roger Moss and Rincon Resolutions

“Roger is a wonderful person and a delight to work with. He helped me through a challenging legal situation and exemplified unlimited patience and support. I really appreciate Roger’s presence, his ability to listen and empathize, and work together in partnership. He has a gift for honoring people’s emotional concerns and needs while facilitating practical legal solutions. Roger is a person of high integrity and I would highly recommend him for any legal or business counsel.”

Sura Kim

Meditation Coach, Speaker, & Author

“Roger is one of those rare people who has great insight and that is an invaluable asset when you are a mediator, dealing with human emotions. He (unknowingly at the time) helped me make a life changing decision that had been burdening me for over two years. I don’t regret the decision that I made and I only wish I had met Roger years before! He is compassionate and caring and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any family.”

Lori Hunt

Estate Planning Attorney







Pronunciation /rin’kon/

Southwest: Sheltered alcove in a cliff.